RC-Analytics is a cloud system for supervision and accountability in the field of rehab facilities: the collection of essential statistics during the recovery process, residential treatment effectiveness increase, supervision at all stages of addiction treatment services provided

What is

RC-Analytics is a cloud system that provides accountability of people seeking help with addiction problems, daily updates the dynamics of inpatient residents of rehab treatment centers and analytics on the results of the treatment. The system has divided rights of access.

Unified database

The company`s employers update the data that becomes available for analysis and accountability. The dynamics of rehabilitation is accountable during the whole process of inpatient treatment and aftercare.

Each organization has a certain outreach to it`s own cluster of data. Nevertheless, the access is provided via the Internet, and therefore can be done from any part of the world.


The call-center employers add the admissions to the RC-Analytics, assigning the individual to other organizations and levels of care if needed.

On every incoming call employer fills in the information on such criteria as: the person who has called, addicted individual himself, the problem itself and, if such took place, previous attempts on treatment, and on the suggested actions.

Medical treatment

Right after the call-center admission, the addicted person checks into a medical facility to get rid of withdrawal symptoms.

At this stage, medical specialists in both addiction treatment and psychiatry fill in the summary information on medical treatment and provide information on recommended rehab facility.


The relatives of an addict(co-dependent) are also provided with help. RC-Analytics contains information on every counseling with the relatives. The other departments` employers can check on whether the session was successful and what were the results of it.

Rehab treatment center

Each inpatient client`s form contains information on:

  • The relative`s first name and contact information
  • The psychologist opinion on client`s condition
  • Current occupation (TC responsibility) and written assignment
  • Statistics, charts and dynamics on person`s feelings
  • Daily conclusion of specialist`s observation
  • One-on-one monitoring reports
  • Observation on sessions with relatives
  • Medical services provided


Right after completing the inpatient rehab treatment, each client gets into the aftercare program. During the whole process the following information is gathered:

  • social adaptation
  • family relationship
  • meetings attendance
  • emotional condition


After completion of a treatment program, the individual is suggested employment. This information is also being stored and updated. Data on employment is filled into RC-Analytics once individual is discharged after completion of a residential treatment program.

Information on Admissions

The database includes information on client such as:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Data provided by relatives
  • The duration of active addiction
  • The object of addiction
  • Attempted treatment
  • Social identity
  • Procedures taken prior treatment
  • Dynamics in rehab treatment


Based on the data collected during the certain period of time the emerged criteria provide:

  • Groups that are at high risk of getting addicted
  • Rehab treatment methods proved to be the most effective
  • The tendency on increase in the number of addicts

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